Pet Sematary (2019)

Sometimes dead is better
Horror / Thriller • 101 minutes
Starring: Jason Clarke Amy Seimetz Jeté Laurence John Lithgow Hugo Lavoie Obssa Ahmed Alyssa Brooke Levine Maria Herrera and others.
Director: Dennis Widmyer Kevin Kölsch Screenplay: Jeff Buhler Director of Photography: Laurie Rose Producer: Lorenzo di Bonaventura Mark Vahradian Steven Schneider Editor: Sarah Broshar Original Music Composer: Christopher Young
Released • April 4, 2019

Dr. Louis Creed and his wife, Rachel, move from Boston to Ludlow, in rural Maine, with their two young children. Hidden in the woods near the new family home, Ellie, their eldest daughter, discovers a mysterious cemetery where the pets of community members are buried.

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A.K.A. AU: Pet Sematary - Stephen King  BR: Cemitério Maldito  CA: Cimetière vivant  DE: Friedhof der Kuscheltiere  ES: Cementerio de animales  FR: Simetierre  LT: Naminių gyvūnėlių kapinės  MX: Cementerio maldito  PT: Samitério de Animais  RU: Кладбище домашних животных  UA: Цвинтар домашніх тварин