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1.Lindsey Vonn: The Final Season (2019)
Released • November 26, 2019 • Documentary
Universally recognized as the greatest female skier ever, Lindsey Vonn went on a remarkable journey that was defined by unexpected twists and turns and dramatic peaks and valleys in its final...
2.Everybody's Everything (2019)
Released • November 12, 2019 • Documentary / Music
The story of artist Lil Peep (Gustav Åhr) from his birth in Long Island and meteoric rise as a genre blending pop star & style icon, to his death due to an accidental opioid overdose in Arizona at...
3.Very Ralph (2019)
Released • November 12, 2019 • Documentary
The first documentary portrait of fashion icon Ralph Lauren, reveals the man behind the icon and the creation of one of the most successful brands in fashion history.
4.Busby (2019)
Released • November 11, 2019 • Documentary
The story of Manchester United legend Sir Matt Busby.
5.Jenny Slate: Stage Fright (2019)
Released • October 22, 2019 • Comedy / Documentary
Jenny Slate's first stand-up special is a mix of stage time, funny stories about adulthood and conversations with family in her childhood home.
6.QT8: The First Eight (2019)
Released • October 21, 2019 • Documentary
A detailed account of the life and artistic career of legendary filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, from his early days as a video club manager to the scandalous fall in disgrace of producer Harvey...
7.Home (2019)
Released • October 18, 2019 • Documentary
UK Adventurer Sarah Outen travels the world during her London2London: Via The World expedition, only for the expedition - and Sarah's life and mental health - to be put at risk by violent weather.
8.The Captain (2019)
Released • September 30, 2019 • Documentary / Drama
Based on the true story of a pilot who had to ensure the safety of 128 passengers and crew members on the plane when its windshield became damaged mid-flight. The incident is regarded as one of the...
9.Hello, Privilege. It's Me, Chelsea (2019)
Released • September 13, 2019 • Documentary
In this documentary, Chelsea Handler explores how white privilege impacts American culture -- and the ways it’s benefited her own life and career.