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1.The Wedding Year (2019)
Released • September 20, 2019 • Comedy / Romance
An L.A. photographer feels the pressure to tie the knot with her new boyfriend after they get invited to 15 weddings in one year.
2.Tall Girl (2019)
Released • September 13, 2019 • Comedy / Drama / Romance
Jodi, the tallest girl in her high school, has always felt uncomfortable in her own skin. But after years of slouching, being made fun of, and avoiding attention at all costs, Jodi finally decides...
3.Can You Keep a Secret? (2019)
Released • September 13, 2019 • Comedy / Romance
Emma Corrigan, a girl with a few secrets on a turbulent plane ride, thinks she’s about to die, Emma spills them all to the handsome stranger sitting next to her. At least, she thought he was a...
4.Dream Girl (2019)
Released • September 12, 2019 • Comedy / Romance
Desperate to find employment, Karam picks up a job as ‘Pooja’ at a call center for sex chats, keeping most people in his life in the dark about the nature of his work. How long can he keep it up...
5.Falling Inn Love (2019)
Released • September 4, 2019 • Comedy / Romance
When a San Francisco exec wins a New Zealand inn, she ditches city life to remodel and flip the rustic property with help from a handsome contractor.
6.Plus One (2019)
Released • August 8, 2019 • Comedy / Drama / Romance
Two single friends agree to be each others' respective plus one for each wedding they're invited to during a particularly busy nuptial period of their lives.
7.Hello, Love, Goodbye (2019)
Released • July 31, 2019 • Drama / Romance
A love story of Joy and Ethan, Filipino workers based in Hong Kong. Ethan, a bartender, is keen on romantically pursuing Joy, a domestic helper who is wholly dedicated to providing for her family.
8.Goodbye Summer (2019)
Released • July 25, 2019 • Drama / Romance
A timeless teenage romance chronicling an impossible relationship that fights against the advance of a terminal disease.
9.See You Soon (2019)
Released • July 25, 2019 • Drama / Romance
A U.S. soccer star suffers a career-threatening injury in the run-up to the World Cup, and during his recovery, embarks on an epic romance with a Russian single mom.
10.Only You (2019)
Released • July 12, 2019 • Drama / Romance
A madly-in-love young couple's relationship begins to suffer when they struggle to conceive a child.
11.Scent of a Ghost (2019)
Released • July 3, 2019 • Comedy / Horror / Romance
Ji Yeon is a beautiful university student, majoring in music. She is dating Dong Seok, but Dong Seok’s parents want him to study abroad. The day before he is scheduled to leave South Korea to study...
12.Ophelia (2019)
Released • June 28, 2019 • Drama / Romance
A re-imagining of Hamlet, told from Ophelia's perspective.
13.High Above (2019)
Released • June 27, 2019 • Drama / Mystery / Romance
A young girl spends the summer in a country resort under the vigilant supervision of her mother. There her attention is drawn to a guy whose past is shrouded in a secret. The girl does not suspect...
14.Yesterday (2019)
Released • June 27, 2019 • Comedy / Fantasy / Music / Romance
Jack Malik is a struggling singer-songwriter in an English seaside town whose dreams of fame are rapidly fading, despite the fierce devotion and support of his childhood best friend, Ellie. After a...
15.Love The Way You Are (2019)
Released • June 21, 2019 • Comedy / Romance
Opposites clash when spunky girl next door Lin Lin meets eccentric nerd Yuke. Despite being neighbors and schoolmates since childhood, Lin Lin and Yuke barely know each other. When the pair are...
16.Fastey Fasaatey (2019)
Released • June 21, 2019 • Drama / Romance
Modern day youngsters Aakash, Anisha, and Dev are caught in the traditional family values and while Aakash's family is forcing him to get married, he is trying his best to buy some time to marry...