Jumpman (2018)

Crime / Drama • 95 minutes
Director: Ivan I. Tverdovsky Screenplay: Ivan I. Tverdovsky Director of Photography: Denis Alarcón Ramirez Producer: Natalia Mokritskaya Editor: Ivan I. Tverdovsky Original Music Composer: Kirill Richter
Released • November 22, 2018

Dennis grew up in an orphanage, where his mother left him soon after his birth. He is a special boy, who due to a rare illness is immune to pain. This makes him popular among other boys, who take bets on how long he can endure cruel physical games. One day his mother turns up out of the blue and takes him to Moscow, where he becomes part of a gang that extracts money from wealthy people. Dennis becomes a “jumpman” – someone who jumps in front of cars to blackmail the drivers. Reunited with his mother, Dennis’ feels that this new life is a dream come true until one day… he starts…