The Soul Conductor (2018)

Horror / Thriller • 89 minutes
Starring: Aleksandra Bortich Yevgeni Tsyganov Aleksandr Robak Vyacheslav Razbegaev Vladimir Yaglych Konstantin Murzenko Yuriy Skulyabin Marta Timofeeva and others.
Director: Ilya Maksimov Screenplay: Anna Kurbatova Director of Photography: Yuriy Bekhterev Producer: Dmitriy Fiks Grigoriy Podzemelnyy Mikhail Kurbatov Original Music Composer: Denis Surov
Released • November 29, 2018

Katya has a powerful gift: she sees ghosts. When her twin sister disappears, Katya begins a desperate search. Police insist her sister doesn’t exist, that she is a figment of Katya’s twisted imagination. However, during her search Katya discovers that there is a serial killer loose on the streets, and her sister is one of his victims. There is still hope to save her, but in a dark and mysterious city full of secrets, you can’t trust anyone. Not even yourself...