DC's Legends of Tomorrow
Returning Series – episode 4x7 aired 6 days ago, episode 4x8 airs in 14 hours
47: Hell No, Dolly!(December 3, 2018 – 6 days ago)
The Legends learn of a Fugitive serial killer in 1838 New Orleans. However, when they arrive, the city stirs up memories in Constantine of his greatest love... and his greatest betrayal. While the team hunt down the serial killer, Constantine tries to alter history with unexpected results.

A.K.A. BR: Lendas do Amanhã  ES: DC Legends of Tomorrow  KR: DC 레전드 오브 투모로우  RU: Легенды завтрашнего дня  TW: 明日傳奇  US: Legends of Tomorrow